Serving the Colorado Springs Area

Serving the Colorado Springs Area

What We Do

Tidy Tanks™ uses a tried and true method developed over 20 years in the Phoenix Az area by Tank Techs RX to completely rid RV's of all of the waste and build up that occurs in holding tanks. We use high pressure proprietary nozzles, equipment, and techniques to safely and completely clean the tanks from the outside discharge port of your RV.

Why Do I Need My Tanks Cleaned?

Cleaning your holding tanks is one of those RV maintenance chores that needs to be done on a regular basis. If you don't keep them clean, RV black and gray tanks can start to smell really nasty. In addition, If you don't keep your tanks free of buildup, your tank sensors will get covered with struvites and cause them to not operate properly. When we clean your tanks, we also clean the tank sensors. This is imperative to maintaining your tanks by knowing when to empty them (90%) full.

What Are Struvites?

Struvite is a crystal that occurs naturally in waste water environments and in other places where magnesium, ammonia, and phosphates are present. When anaerobic digesters release ammonia and phosphate from waste material, it forms a scale on plastic tanks and pipes, resulting in clogs and blockages. Struvites can have the consistency of concrete. Struvite is a sewer treatment issue.

Smelly Tanks?

Odors can funkify a wonderful camping trip like no other!

Clogged Drains?

Clogs happen. We can make them un-happen.

Gauges Not Working?

Cleaning will usually fix this.

Odors can funkify a wonderful camping trip like no other!

Clogs happen. We can make them un-happen.

Cleaning will usually fix this.

How Do I Maintain My Tanks?

Water, water, water! Logs only float down rivers with water in them! Make sure you are filling a fresh black tank with 10-15% of your capacity with water.

What About Treatments?

This is the only tank treatment we recommend because of its ability to prevent and break down struvites and odors through probiotics.

What Do We Need From You?


2. Drain your tanks (if possible) prior to our arrival.

3. Notify us of any problems you are experiencing with tanks (clogs, slow draining, leaks, etc.)

4. Please let the tech know if there is a clothes washer, dishwasher, or anything else that is connected to your tanks.

You DO need to be present during cleaning.

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